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A Witch's Life 12
Beauty Marked
I sighed as I reluctantly got out of bed, I pulled my socks back up and left the room to get ready for school. The other girls were running around to try and look good, and I only wonder why they were freaking out more than usual. I only shrugged as I grabbed my toothbrush and toothpaste, turned on the water, and brushed my teeth as I hummed Metallica's King Nothing.
Louise and Emily were already up and ready for the day as she looked at the other girls in the school and they have been acting off today, like each and everyone of them were getting ready for some kind of big date. "I wonder what's going on." Louise said to herself.
"Who cares?" Emily replied as I continued to give my teeth a good scrubbing. "It's only a little crazier than normal, but this is the only time of day that can actually be considered peaceful."
"That's true." Louise said.
We finished getting ready and began wandering through the hallway and eventually arrived at the cafeteria, but w
:iconuchihaknight19:UchihaKnight19 0 0
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A Witch's Life 3
Prettify the Witchlings
"Where are we even going?" I asked with a hint of wariness as I followed behind Mrs. Wolfe, who was walking at a brisk pace.
She turned her head briefly to look at me. "Well, there are a few things we must do at this moment if we are going to go build your new life as a girl." She said with a smile.
"What exactly do we need?" I asked, concern in my voice.
Mrs. Wolfe eagerly led me through the streets of Caudelotte and soon arrived at a salon, I whistled in an impressed tone at the sight, as we walked into the building. I looked around and found the place to be quite humble, in a sense. Soon after, we were greeted by a young-looking woman with what looked like a lab coat. "Hello, Olivine, good to see you again." She greeted, looking down to me. "I take it this is the one you told me about?" She asked.
"Hello Amanda. This is the one I told you about." Mrs. Wolfe confirmed. "You know what to do."
"Of course." The one called Amanda replied before she took me
:iconuchihaknight19:UchihaKnight19 0 0
Mature content
A Witch's Life 2 :iconuchihaknight19:UchihaKnight19 0 0
Mature content
A Witch's Life 1 :iconuchihaknight19:UchihaKnight19 0 0
A Witch's Life: Prologue
Just another day in this boring-as-sin slum, like always. Same boring day, an adventure just to find some lunch, the crazed rantings of one dumb-ass or another. Just make it stop already!
But listen to me go on, I'm being positively uncivil. Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Michael. We begin in a theater as I finish preparations for a concert.
The band started playing their music, which started out as metal, giving me a little smile. That, unfortunately, did not last as it turned out to be 'Girlfriend' from Brutal Legend. "I can fix plenty of things, but that isn't one of them." I commented, about ready to puke as another roadie appeared right next to me.
"Yeah, looks like Metal is dead." The other roadie spoke.
I only sighed in response, watching as my clients were butchering not only my ears, but the genre I loved so much with rap. "Ever feel like you were born in the wrong time?" I asked, turning to my co-worker. "Like you should've been born earlier, when the music was... r
:iconuchihaknight19:UchihaKnight19 1 0


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Pilgrimage of Screams

With the rising of the sun, I followed the forces of Ironheade as they made their way to the cliffside, where Captain Spencer waited for us with two minotaurs.

"So what's the plan?" Emily asked as she was over to them.

"We're looking for feedback crystals, the same thing that can turn those towers into dirt, according to our new friends here." Captain Spencer explained.

"Let's hit the trail then." I nodded, grasping my sword causiously.

"Alright, watch out for rockslides, and Thunderdrums." Captain Spencer warned.

As we started walking, Emily looked over at one of the minotaurs. "So what does these feedback crystals look like?" She asked.

"They're clusters of blue crystals that act as natural tuning forks, but a lot stronger." The minotaur explained. "Don't worry, you'll know when we found them."

We looked around the area when Emily noticed something. "Is that it over there?" She asked as she pointed to something on the cliff side.

"Unfortunately, no." The minotaur shook his head as he backed away. "But they're just as dangerous." He warned before it exploded, causing an avalanche, which took out a few of Riktor's soldiers.

"We need to keep looking." Captain Spencer said.

"No, what we're after is much further down this path." The other minotaur pointed to the trail as a few flying creatures attacked more of Riktor's forces. "And sadly, that means going through those guys."

"We better hurry." Emily said.

We slowly made the trek down the path while the flying water creatures kept their attention on the enemy. Eventually, we arrived at where the Feedback Crystal could be found. I was about to climb up the wall and get it before I stopped.

"Is there something wrong?" Emily asked.

"I'm... not entirely sure." I replied before I turned to see a shade. "Everyone, stand back!"

"What is that?!" Emily said as she took a step back.

"Greetings, witch." A demonic voice spoke, causing me to tense up further.

"This isn't good." Emily said.

I was soon met with a tail blade that I barely managed to block, followed by some...thing charging at me, with me trying to keep it still, which was no easy task when I'm also trying to keep from being stabbed or sliced by this monster, it then backed off and back-flipped with it's tail aimed right at me, which I just barely dodged with a back-flip of my own. I stood up, staggering a bit as I looked at the beast that soon became visible. It was a dark-purple dragon with heterochromia; its right eye was sapphire-blue, while his left eye was emerald-green. It had a magenta underbelly, a blade-like tail and blade claws on its wing thumbs, big wings with magenta membranes, and six silver-white horns on its head. It also seemed to have markings on its head, back, shoulders, and around its eyes. Most interesting is the red gem embedded in its chest.

"What the hell is that thing?!" Emily said as she pulled out her weapon.

"Stay back, guys." I held an arm up before turning back to the creature. "And you are?"

"I am a Singing Death, my name is 'Astaroth', and I am the guardian of the Screaming Wall." The dragon, Astaroth, introduced.

I let out a chuckle. "A musical dragon dog, basically?" I commented.

"A dragon being reduced to a guard dog? How sad." Emily said.

"State your business here." Astaroth ordered.

"We're just... sharpening our skills." I explained, gesturing at my blade. "Wandering the country, dispensing justice. But only to those who deserve it..." I turned back to the guard beast. "Such as... Outlaws, desperados, tyrants."

"You refer to lord Riktor." Astaroth spoke.

"The one holding your leash, right?" I smirked.

"The one who issues my orders." Astaroth corrected in a deadpan tone.

"And you're orders are to kill us?" I asked.

"Yes." Astaroth answered, his claws started glowing.

I started chuckling again. "Call me biased, but those seem like really dumb orders, buddy." I told him, sheathing my sword as I walked past him. "Why don't you try thinking for yourself."

"For... myself?" Astaroth repeated with confliction, but soon jumped back in front of me. "Should I disobey a direct order, I will be subjected to further torment." He informed us.

"Not if you help us, then we can end Riktor once and for all." Emily said.

"I am sorry -- you must die." Astaroth's claws started glowing again.

"Then..." I drew my sword in response. "I am sorry... as well..." With those final words, we started our duel.

Emily watched the fight from behind the rock.

Astaroth flew up above me. He focused his gaze on me, forgetting about the others. Smirking, I whirled around the beast, going at a fast speed. The monster's eyes began to roll, and he staggered, getting dizzy. I then hurried out of the way as the monster fell to the ground.

Seeing a chance, I dashed to Astaroth's head, slashing my sword at the jewel in his chest a few times each. The dragon roared in pain and pushed itself up. It roared loudly and swung its powerful claws toward me. I easily dodged, but I got knocked down. I was stunned for a few moments, but then pushed myself back up and leaped back up, darting around the monster's head. Sure enough, the monster got dizzy and fell to the ground. I slashed my sword at the jewel a few more times. It was already beginning to crack.

One or two more times of repeating this and maybe it would be enough to bring it down for good! Repeating the process once more, I slashed at the jewel, shattering it. The monster roared loudly, and then collapsed onto the floor.

"How... how did you..." Astaroth barely managed, breathing heavily.

"You fight because you're forced to, I fight... because I choose to." I explained, sheathing my sword again.

"Looks like we can get those crystals now." Emily said as she and the forces of Ironheade made their way to the cliff and climbed up to get the crystals.

"I... I have failed..." Astaroth lamented breathlessly.

"Now now, you're not dealing with some meat-head bandits, after all. We are quite good, you know." I reminded him.

"Yeah." Emily said as she went over to get the feedback crystals.

Astaroth let out a sigh as he closed his eyes and collapsed.

I turned back to him with pity before sighing myself. I tried to pick him up and carry him back, to no avail. "Can I get a little help, please?" I asked as I continued to struggle. Emily went over to help me.

"Are you sure that's a good idea?" An orc asked. "That guy did try to kill us."

"Only because he was being forced to do so." Emily said.

"Exactly, and if we leave him here, he'll die." I pointed out, looking at where his gem used to be. "I can't let that happen."

The orcs went to help carry Astaroth.

We soon arrived back at the Tour Bus, albeit with a few close calls with Thunderdrums, and I was currently nursing Astaroth's wounds while he slept.

"Now that we got those crystals, how are we going to use them?" Emily asked.

"The bouncers are helping the headbangers put together amps for a demolition squad." I explained, turning back to the sleeping dragon. "It won't be long now."

"Then we can save Louise." Emily said.

"Let's hope so." I replied grimly. I finished placing the bandages on Astaroth's wounds, before letting out a yawn and laying my head next to his hand, sleeping soundly.
A Witch's Life 15
Alrighty, this took a bit longer than I would've liked, but at least I finally got it fixed up.

Once again, thanks to :icondemonangeltheo: for helping me with this.

And the rest of you, enjoy.

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Marching Off to Revenge!

With our bags packed and our resolve burning, Emily and I returned to the tour bus to give the okay for departure.

"Ready to go?" I asked.

"Just a few more hours." The roadie answered.

"You've got twenty seconds, it's time to go." I told him.

"I only need ten. Let's go!" The roadie called, and the orcs were soon boarding the bus.

"So what's the plan?" Emily asked.

"We stay out here and take those buggies on the trip." I answered, pointing towards a couple dune buggy-like vehicles. "We need to keep anything from breaking the bus, so they're hooked up with some gatlins."

"Okay, let's do this." Emily asked as we hopped into the our respective buggies.

I picked my communicator back up. "No matter what happens, keep driving, Captain."

"Count on it." Captain Spencer spoke, followed by the revving of the bus' engine.

"We'll take care of anyone or anything that tries to stop us." I grinned before putting my communicator in it's rack, and we were soon on the road, unaware of the onlookers from the cliff.

The caravan made it's way onto the main road and towards Battersmith, all of us were eager to get our friend back. As we traveled, however, we came under attack by some strange creatures; demonic monkeys on hellcycles. "The hell?!" Captain declared, turning away from the attackers.

"What the hell are those things?!" Emily cried in shock.

"Don't panic, get these chimps!" I declared before realizing what I just said and chuckling. "Wow..." I used the guns from the buggy and started to shoot the monkeys.

The bikers continued their onslaught, despite their numbers dwindling; some were wrecked by my guns, some were set on fire by the side-burners, and some were just dumb enough to charge right in front on the bus. Despite the beating we took, we had arrived at a large fortress wall with what appeared to be two halves of an anvil chained together.

"Is this the place that Louise is being held?" Emily asked.

"Yeah, but getting in there is even harder than the trip." Captain Spencer informed them.

"Alright then, unload the bus." I instructed, a cold, lethal glare plastered on my face as I gazed upon the stronghold. "In two hours, the drums of war will sound."

Up in the sky, it started to get stormy and it felt like it gotten a bit colder.

"Do you feel that?" Captain Spencer asked.

"Yeah, something's off." Isaac replied, turning to him. "We'd better hurry, or this could get ugly."

"Right." Emily nodded as she started grabbing the gear.

The two hours passed, and I returned to see the stage all set. I approached the captain with a determined look on my face and my sword placed back in it's sheath. "Ready?" I asked.

"Yeah." Captain Spencer nodded. "Is it time already?"

"Captain Spencer, the hour of rock is upon us." I clenched my fist as I said that, my magic radiating with pride.

"Well let's get this started." Emily said.

The stage lit up, and the Fan Geysers erupted, the field was set. However, their plan had a hitch as a few giant winged leeches placed themselves over the geysers.

"Oh my Gods..." Captain Spencer gasped.

"Get away from those fans! You... you leeches!" I shouted, before a sharp pain jabbed at my back. I hissed from the pain as I fell to my hands and knees. "Not... again..."

"Jasmine!" Isaac cried as he ran over to me to help me.

"Get back... just get away!" I hissed, looking up at them with tears flowing down my face. Then it hit me. A huge spasm of pain locked my body into place as I arched my back. I stayed there, still gripping the ground, and threw my back but couldn’t scream because my body was so clenched up. Like a coiled up spring, something in me back was struggling under the strain and was demanding to be released. Its demands were met and two wings shot out fully extended through the flesh of my back, sending a spray of blood and a clear fluid onto the ground of the rustle mountain.

It was a mixture of pain and relief. Though the wings bursting out of my back did hurt, the pressure had been relieved and it felt oh so good. Breathing heavily, I looked back up, my eyes still watering from the pain.

"Those druids from the temple, they must've poisoned their blades with some kind of demon venom." Isaac managed, approaching me and placing a hand on my shoulder.

"Well, remind me to send them a thank-you note." I chuckled as I stood. "I feel great."

"Do you need some time to recover from that?" Emily asked.

Before I could answer, the sound of a bell went off. We turned to see a squad of minotaurs charging onto the battlefield.

"Listen, I know you're all freaking out right now, but I promise you, I feel fine." I began, looking over myself as my skin became more grayish. "I may have been stung by some sort of poison demon juice, but I'm sure the effects are temporary, I'm still me. So before this infection wares off, I say we use it to our advantage." I unsheathed my sword and raised it into the air. "Let us not fear this blessing from the Titans!"

"Well, in that case, we'd best get to work!" Captain Spencer instructed.

Emily and I started driving off one leech and soon we were able to access the fans. I could see another minotaur march to the mortar cannon atop the fortress wall.

I started the Fan Tribute for the fans, they started glowing their green hue, and were soon ubercharging the Ironheade forces. The battle continued and soon all the leeches were driven off, making room for me to play my solo and strengthen my followers. The minotaur continued to shower the battlefield with mortars, and I've had enough, I flew up to the cannoneer and stunned him.

"Sorry dude, but you're in the way." I said before taking off and returning to the field to finish the fight. Once most of the enemies were taken care of, I sent the orcs to break down the gate, and within minutes, they broke through, and the minotaurs watched in dismay as they failed.

With his walls penetrated, Riktor scowled as he flew down, his energy burning brightly. "I should've known better than to hire guards who's hands are bigger than their brains." He said with disdain as he glared at the minotaurs. "You're all fired! Every fat worthless one of you!" He shouted before making his way back to his fortress.

Captain Spencer led us though the tunnel and my eyes went wide. "Wait!" I warned, but it was too late, a large skull rose and it's eyes started glowing red. It transformed into a ballista, and aimed at the captain, ready to fire.

"Oh no." Captain Spencer said as he tried to get out of the way.

The ballista fired, and barely missed as he was pulled away by one of the minotaurs. "You okay, human?" He asked.

"Yes, thank you, but why did you save me?"

"Why wouldn't we? We don't work for Riktor anymore, so we have no reason to keep fighting." The minotaur explained. "Besides, we kinda feel bad for all that stuff."

I looked down as I started looking like her normal self again. "Looks like I was right, that demon shit would ware off eventually." I turned to the tunnel before us. "But I don't think we can get through here yet, so let's get back to the bus."

Everyone agreed and we returned to the bus.

"So, what's the plan for getting past the impaler towers?" Emily asked.

"They seem pretty tough, but how are they with sound?" I asked.

"It would depend on what kind of sound." The minotaur said.

"Big explosive feedback from an amp." I answered. "We're talking monster booms that'll wake even a sleeping draconiquus."

"That would work." The minotaur said.

"I know where to get them too, we'll head to the Screaming Wall first thing tomorrow." Captain Spencer instructed.
A Witch's Life 14
The battle rages on, and our heroes have a new surprise up their sleeve.

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Clash at Caudelotte

While working on our plan to hunt down and wreck Heather, Emily and I were summoned by Princess Celestia. We landed right outside the castle, dismounted our brooms, and walked in. Celestia gave us both grim looks as we approached. "Thank you for coming, Jasmine." She said.

"Is there any news about what happened?" I asked.

"I'm afraid that there's been no word of Louise's safety, but we have more trouble at hand." Celestia spoke, pointing out the window towards three lights. "General Riktor has been sighted heading this way, with an army in tow."

"What's the plan?" Emily asked.

"The plan is simply to stop him, and to protect Caudelotte." Celestia answered. "The real problem is that the royal guard cannot handle his forces alone, that is why we require Ironheade."

"Sounds simple enough, I think we can put something together to keep him back." I replied. "I just need your best engineer to meet me in the north-east, I'll explain later, but first, I'll need my gear."

We returned to our room, grabbed our equipment, and stepped out onto the field to meet Isaac and my self-study professor, Oliver Mansam. I approached them and looked over the horizon.

"This is where you think they'll attack from?" I asked.

"Yes." Isaac answered.

"Then this is where we'll build our stage." I gestured behind us, looking around. "I think we've got enough stuff to put on... possibly the best rock show ever."

"We better get started then." Emily said as we got to work on making the stage. Some time passed, and the stage was soon complete.

"Jasmine, what exactly did you mean by a 'show'?" Professor Mansam asked.

"Where I'm from, a guitar only makes noises, here, it blows stuff up." I explained. "So I can't wait to see what a full-on rock show does." I spoke with a grin before bringing the phone to my ear. "Okay Em, rear-fluds."

"On it." Emily said.

The light came on, and nearly blinded me and the teacher. "OW!" I hissed. "Nice. Okay, side-pots."

"Check." Emily replied.

The stage shot a few small balls of fire. "Awesome." I grinned before turning to the field again. "Okay, ...glowing people?" I asked in confusion.

"Check. Wait, what?"

"Get out here, you've gotta see this." I told her, looking over at a geyser that seemed to erupt with some glowing entities.

"Whoa..." Professor Mansam managed. "Could those old stories be true?"

"What old stories?" I asked.

"Ancient legends of the Titans that shaped this world, it is said that they were able to summon a force from deep within the earth using special rituals; chants and music long forgotten." Isaac explained. "They used this force to power their entire civilization."

"They do seem to have an energy about them." Professor Mansam said.

I thought about it for a moment, then turned back to the stage, and it hit me. "They're fans. They've come for the show." I spoke, turning back to the fans. "And yes, with the energy of the fans, we can do anything."

"They look... bored." Emily noted.

"I can fix that." I grinned, pulling out Lilith. I played a tune and the glowing entities turned green and gave off more energy. "Oh yeah, they're definitely our fans now." I put Lilith away and looked back at my friends. "I think we might need a merchbooth, think you can make that happen, Professor?"

"Can do." Professor Mansam said. "The students said they made some merchandise for your band, we can use that."

"Sounds like a good idea." Isaac said.

With the students' merchandise set up in the freshly-made merchbooth, the fans started powering the stage. "I'd like to see Riktor do something this cool." Professor Mansam laughed.

"He's too lame to be able to pull this off." Emily said.

"You can say that to his face, 'cause here he comes." Isaac announced, drawing his sword, as did the orcs.

"This is gonna be a bloodbath." I chuckled as I drew my own sword.

"Well, some sort of bath is definitely in order." The apparent general spoke, floating gently on the ground just feet away before retracting his fin-like wings.

"What did you do to Louise!?" Emily shouted at Riktor.

Riktor only chuckled. "Don't worry about your little friend, she's safe, I have no intention of harming my bride-to-be." He said with a smirk. "Let me guess, you're the 'American Witch' I've heard so much about? I must say, I'm very disappointed, I imagined you would be a tad stronger." Now I'm pissed off but I don't move just yet.

"Now tell me, little girl." Riktor pointed his staff towards me. "Why are you poaching my employees?"

"Your former slaves are revolting, Dicktor, just like your stench." I smirked, earning a chuckle from my followers.

Riktor chuckled himself. "We'll see how long you keep up that tough-girl act." He gestured behind him. "The more sophisticated miners have remained in my employ, as have the girls who know what's best for them, and there are even those who have decided that there is prophet to be made from those little spiders you love so much." He told me as he caressed my cheek, prompting me to slash at him.

"Keep talkin' bird-bait, it'll be more satisfying when I fillet your scrawny ass." I pointed my sword at his throat.

"I can see where my future bride gets her spirit, but this won't take too long." Riktor bared his spiky teeth as he grinned. "I know how to handle petty labor disputes." He said as he extended his wings and took to the air, his followers charged after Ironheade.

"Reduce them to rotting meat!" I ordered, the orcs charging with their weapons radiating with the energy from the fans. The battle continued throughout the day, most of Riktor's forces were too injured to pose a threat any longer. "Gah! Dammit... my... back..." I hissed, falling to my knees.

"Oh enough!" Riktor growled, landing in front of them again. "I've never liked this town anyway." He turned to Professor Mansam. "I don't know what's gotten into you, Oliver, but I promise you one thing: you will regret what you have started here."

"You are going to regret taking our friend." Emily said. Riktor only scoffed as he took to the air and escaped.

"What are we going to do now?" Professor Mansam asked.

"We need to take Jasmine to the infirmary, she may have been severely wounded." Isaac spoke with concern as he tried to lift me to my feet.

"I'm fine, son of a fish just got a cheap shot on me." I hissed.

Professor Mansam looked at my back to see where I was injured. "She'll be just fine." He said. "Whatever hit her is gone."

"Well at least everyone is somewhat okay." Emily said.

We returned to Celestia's throneroom to give our report. Once much of the event was retold, I remembered something else. "He also seemed like he knew Professor Mansam." I mentioned. "Sounds like there is a story there."

"Oliver Mansam and Riktor have been mortal enemies for many years, it's because of him that Mansam bares those scars." Celestia clarified.

A few minutes passed, and I saw a giant monstrous bus with a few extra nasty surprises handy.

"Ooooo, Mansam Like." Mansam gave a glimmer in his eyes.

"Pack her up quick." I instructed the orc. "We'll be back soon, and we'll hit the road."

"Copy that." The orc saluted before loading the supplies onto the bus while I prepared my own war machine.
A Witch's Life 13
With the war officially started, Jasmine and company prepare to take the war to the next level. Let's see where it goes.
Beauty Marked

I sighed as I reluctantly got out of bed, I pulled my socks back up and left the room to get ready for school. The other girls were running around to try and look good, and I only wonder why they were freaking out more than usual. I only shrugged as I grabbed my toothbrush and toothpaste, turned on the water, and brushed my teeth as I hummed Metallica's King Nothing.

Louise and Emily were already up and ready for the day as she looked at the other girls in the school and they have been acting off today, like each and everyone of them were getting ready for some kind of big date. "I wonder what's going on." Louise said to herself.

"Who cares?" Emily replied as I continued to give my teeth a good scrubbing. "It's only a little crazier than normal, but this is the only time of day that can actually be considered peaceful."

"That's true." Louise said.

We finished getting ready and began wandering through the hallway and eventually arrived at the cafeteria, but were soon met with an odd sight. The swim-club president, Heather Lockhart, was explaining the rules of something.

"It's quite simple, the challenge is divided into three main parts: Beauty, Cooking, and Talent. There will be three judges that will judge us based on how well we perform. For cooking, you must select a recipe, it can be a meal or snack, the judges will decide on how it tastes. We will each sing karaoke for the talent part, but the beauty has three parts: Casual wear, Swimwear, and Costume." She explained. "Whoever has the most points from all three judges by the end of it, is the winner, and we'll finally see who is the most beautiful girl at Starswirl Academy, and shall receive a grand prize."

"Sounds boring." Louise said as she reached into her back pocket and pulled out a book to read.

"Wait, you're saying that this is going to be boring, sounds like it's going to be fun to watch." Emily said. Louise just sighed as she continued to read her book.

"I smell a trap." I glared at the water witch. "This is all too... fishy." I finished with a grin.

"This reminds me of an episode of Danny Phantom. If it is just like that episode, there is a high chance that I would be asked to be a judge for this, and you would most likely be pushed to join it." Louise said without looking up from her book.

"Ah crap, you're right." I groaned. "Let's get the hell out of here."

We were about to leave before Heather looked over to us, and gave her own grin. "What do you three say? Care to partake in this little contest?" She asked. Each of us gave her an 'Are you kidding me?' look in response.

"Pass." I said with a wave-off.

"It would be a waste of my time." Louise said.

"Such a shame, all the student were really looking forward to it." Heather sighed, followed by a collective 'Awwww...' from the rest of the students.

"They force women to have a type of beauty that they can never reach, have them dance around like they are nothing but the latest toys on the market, judging their every action, and the winner is crowned the prettiest flower, and a place under a spot light for all to see." Louise said as she snapped her book closed and placed it into her pocket. "But the thing is all time in that spot light will make that beautiful flower wither away." She said as she started walking away.

"So the great Louise Halford chooses to run from something she could allegedly win so easily?" Came the voice we dreaded, knowing what it meant. We turned back to see Ashley signing up, her smile once again showing just how full of it she was. "I always knew you wouldn't dare challenge me for real."

"This really isn't our thing, anyway." I shrugged before leaving with my friends.

"Do you really think that way about these things, Louise?" Emily said to her.

"Of course I do, they may look fun and nice, but no one sees the ugly side of it." Louise said.

"She's right, this crap's just an excuse for guys to look at us when we're on stage." I added.

"I would like to see a girl in a swimsuit just like any other guy, but I would want to see them at a beach or pool, where it looks normal, not them trying to win something." Louise said.

"But that's not the weirdest thing about what just happened." I brought up. "I figured Heather would've tried to kill us after that fiasco at the pool. What's she up to?"

"If this is like that Danny Phantom episode, she is working for someone." Louise said.

"But who?" Emily asked.

"Who else would try to capture one of us?" Louise said.

"Even if that is the case, and she and her boss want me for something, what does she get out of it?" I brought up.

"What else but power or maybe blackmail?" Louise said.

We got through the school day and joined everyone at the auditorium. "There you are!" I heard a voice before being dragged backstage.

I pulled away from my captor, and saw that it was Ivory Wolfe. "What are you doing?!" I growled in irritation.

"This competition's a trap, I need your help to stop Heather from hurting someone who can't stop it." Ivory explained. "That's where you come in, we need you to prevent anyone else from getting in trouble."

"What do we have to do?" Louise asked.

"I'm sorry to say, but you'll have to compete." Ivory answered. "The only advice I have for you is to keep that rock away from you."

"Really?" Louise raised. "Why the hell would we buy that?"

"What difference does it make?" I shrugged. "If it stops Heather from doing any real damage, then it looks like we'll have to after all. So let's get this over with." I said before turning back to Ivory. "How do you even know this, anyway?"

"I saw her talking to someone, she said that they'd get their new attraction soon." Ivory explained. "I don't know what she meant, or who she was talking to, but it sounded fishy."


"Well, let's get this over with." Louise said.


The school auditorium was now filled to the brim with boys, all eager to see the show.

"Welcome, one and all, to the first ever 'Ms. Starswirl Academy' Pageant!" The MC, a boy in a very tacky suit and top hat, announced. The boys in the audience erupted into cheers. "Please give a warm welcome to our judges for this event!"

More applause came, directed at three boys sitting at a desk closest to the stage. The first one had thick a Moe Howard Bowl haircut and thick glasses, the second one looked pretty average looking; and lastly, the third could be best described as an upperclassman pretty boy.

Louise and I looked over at the other contestants. "This could be a challenge. We may have to really try to win this." Louise noted.

"Then let's do this." I smiled. "Good luck."

"I just want this over with as soon as we can." Louise said.

At the center of the stage was a large kitchen, not unlike the kind found on Iron Chef. Off to the side was a vast assortment of ingredients and foods for use, a good chunk of them looked like they were from Toriko. We all stood in the center, spot light shining down on us. Ashley stood tall, confident in her skills. Louise still looked bitter about the whole thing, but she wasn't one to just do things half-assed, so she'll still be a heavy-hitting rival. As for me, I wasn't all that nervous for a change. It's weird, but I'm actually looking forward to causing a bit of a stir with what I might have planned.

As I scanned the area, it became painfully obvious that all the guys were gawking at us in our aprons. I know we look good in them, but were we really that kookoo?

"As our contestants know, the cooking round is to choose a dish and cook it within the amount of time. Our judges will give it a score of one through ten, based on how good it looks as well as tastes. You have thirty minutes to cook! Now, let's get cooking!"

Louise started cooking, she used shrimp as the main part of the dish, while using some tuna and some mussels to make a seafood dish, also using pasta with a Alfredo sauce.

I looked around at the others, and soon had my idea. With a grin, I got to work on my dish.

"Time is up and now the contestants will present their dishes to the judges for their evaluation." The MC declared, and the contestants brought their dishes to the judges, until finally, it was my turn.

"I... I'm pleased to present my broccoli marinara pasta." I said shyly, and placed the plate on the table. The judges tasted it and were smiling.

"The texture, the temperature, and the flavor, all exquisite." The judges spoke. "You've earned a nine out of ten."

When it was Louise's turn, she placed her dish on the table and let the judges taste her food.

"Very well done, you've a knack for seafood." They praised. "We give you nine out of ten."

Louise nodded and went back to her spot.

The MC just became enthusiastic. "This is the end of the cooking competition, and here's the current score." He started, displaying the scoreboard. Many of the girls were disappointed with the standings, as Louise and I were in a three-way tie with Ashley. "The next competition is the talent portion, and the contestants must sing a single song."

"Well, let's get over with." Louise said as she waited for her turn.

"Because we have a three way tie for first, we'll leave it to the audience to decide who starts us off." The MC announced, earning a collective 'Ashley' from the crowd. "The audience has spoken, Ashley shall go first."

Ashley stepped up and grabbed the mic from the karaoke machine and began searching for a song. When she found one to her liking, she hit play and the music started.

Nobody knows who I really am
I never felt this empty before
And if I ever need someone to come along,
Who's gonna comfort me, and keep me strong?

We are all rowing the boat of fate
The waves keep on coming and we can't escape
But if we ever get lost on our way
The waves would guide you through another day

Far away, I'm breathing, as if I were transparent
It would seem I was in the dark, but I was only blindfolded

I give a prayer as I wait for the new day
Shining vividly up to the edge of that sea

Nobody knows who I really am
Maybe they just don't give a damn
But if I ever need someone to come along
I know you would follow me, and keep me strong

People's hearts change and sneak away from them
The moon in its new cycle leads the boats again

And every time I see your face
The ocean heaves up to my heart
You make me wanna strain at the oars, and soon
I can see the shore

Oh, I can see the shore
When will I see the shore?

I want you to know who I really am
I never thought I'd feel this way towards you
And if you ever need someone to come along,
I will follow you, and keep you strong
And still the journey continues on quiet days as well
The moon in its new cycle shines on the boats again

I give a prayer as I wait for the new day
Shining vividly up to the edge of that sea

And every time I see your face
The ocean heaves up to my heart
You make me wanna strain at the oars, and soon
I can see the shore

We are rowing the boat of fate, but the waves keep attacking us
But isn't that still a wonderful journey? Aren't any of them a wonderful journey?

The audience was enraptured as she continued on till the end.

"What an enchanting tune, let's see if the judges think so." The MC spoke, earning a nod from each judge. They brought an eight up onto their screens.

"And there you have it, folks! Ashley has a tough score, and it's a tough one to beat for our next contestant: Jasmine Riggs!" The MC then ushered me in, and I was nervous. I hesitantly took up the mike and pick a song.

I have changed...
I have changed,
just like you...
Just like you!
For how long?
For how long must I wait?
I know there's something wrong;
Your concrete heart isn't beating,
and I've tried to make it come alive.
No shadows, just red lights.
Now I'm here to rescue you.

I'm still alive!
I'm still alive;
I cannot apologize, no.

I'm still alive!
I'm still alive;
I cannot apologize, no

So silent; no violence.
But inside my head, so loud and clear,
you're screamin', you're screamin',
covered up with a smile I've learned to fear.
Just sunshine and blue sky--
is this all we get for living here?
Come, fire. Come, fire!
Let it burn and love come racing through!

I'm still alive!
I'm still alive;
I cannot apologize, no!
I'm still alive!
I'm still alive;
I cannot apologize, no.

I've learned to lose;
I've learned to win.
I turn my face against the wind.
I will move fast; I will move slow.
Take me where I have to go.

I'm still alive!
I'm still alive;
I cannot apologize, no! [I'm alive, yeah!]

I'm still alive!

I'm still alive!
I'm still alive;
I cannot apologize, no... [Hey, oh...]


I'm still alive!
I'm still alive;
I cannot apologize, no!

I'm still alive!
I'm still alive;
I cannot apologize, no...

The boys were practically brought to tears all throughout the song.

The judges were moved once more, and seemed entranced by my voice. "Such a lovely voice, and it was sang so beautifully. Such a heart-warming song you've chosen as well. So it deserves a nine out of ten." The pretty boy spoke, the other two gave a nod and a smile.

Ashley was getting annoyed at the fact that I was keeping ahead of her.

"Alright ladies and gentlemen, we've been dazzled by such sweet, somber songs, but can Louise top our two leading ladies?" The MC asked, as Louise started on the stage and selected the song she wanted to sing.

There must still be the soul that you have left behind, hidden somewhere…
…in the deep, deep of the forest, lying among the trees

People who are too tired they just don’t look around any farther
They disappear into the eternal darkness of a foreign place

Could we still have seen it if we were there?
Could we’ve seen if we were little?

We go on with our lives and lose those things behind
Wrapped around in lies we stand there voiceless
We wander and live our lives until we find a way
Searching for the light for eternity

Things are passing and changing and moving around but the colors of the sky
Still remain the same as we used to know every single day

We are running so free now ignoring the risk, the limits that we had
We leave our fears behind; take another chance, our souls will live again

If we catch the rhythm of time
We could probably fly so high

We go on with our lives and lose those things behind
Wrapped around in lies we stand there voiceless
We wander and live our lives until we find a way
Searching for the light for eternity

We go on with our lives and lose those things behind
Wrapped around in lies we stand there voiceless
We wander and live our lives until we find a way
Searching for the light for eternity

We go on with our lives and lose those things behind
Wrapped around in lies we stand there voiceless
We wander and live our lives until we find a way
Searching for the light for eternity

The crowd was in tears again from such a beautiful song. "Okay everyone, take a minute to regain ourselves." The MC struggled to maintain himself before turning the judges.

"A very charming song to match your voice, you've chosen wisely. Nine out of ten." They said before cracking up like the audience. Louise went back to her place waiting for the next part of the contest.

"Well, we still have a tie between Jasmine Riggs and Louise Halford, with Ashley Tristan close behind." The MC announced, gesturing at the scoreboard again. "But the competition isn't over yet, the third and final portion is divided into three portions. I don't know about some of you people, but I'm excited to see these beauties strut their stuff on stage to see how gorgeous, or even sexy, they can be! The first of the final portion is: Casual wear! Each contestant must wear an outfit that they would wear outside campus!"

The curtain closed and several stage hands went to work setting up a small runway. After a few minutes, the runway was all set and the stage hands took off and the MC began again.

"Now, to add a little twist to this portion of the contest, the contestants will not receive their score until after every outfit has been presented at the end of each round. And now let round one of the last competition begin!"

Louise put her or black and red outfit that looks like Ruby's outfit along with the air skate boots.

The curtain flew open, revealing Ashley in a lacy purple tank top that showed a good amount of cleavage, along with gray leggings and black flats. She wore a smug grin as she sauntered down the runway for the boys to get a better look and did they enjoy the view while the judges wrote down notes.

it was Louise's turn as she skated down the runway when she made it to the end she stops and does a spin while having snow flakes spin around her causing the light to reflect of them giving her a sparkle appearance The judges marveled at the sight as they took their notes. The audience cheered once again and the judges made their notes again.

I sighed, and soon walked through the runway, wearing a green, short-sleeved dress with a pink apron with black flats.

"Now it's Jasmine's turn as she shows off something a little more simple."

I gave a cute face with a wink and a smile. The crowd's hearts melted at the cuteness as the judges wrote down their notes.

"I wonder, would they score us for each part or after all three parts are over?" Louise said.

"Alright! That's the first round of the beauty competition! The next round is one I've been looking forward to, and that round is the swimsuit round!" The MC earned another round of applause from the audience. The girls disappeared behind the curtain to change, and were soon ready for round two to start. "Better stock up on tissues guys, it is gonna be a good one because it's time to start round two, the swimsuit competition, and first up is Ashley!"

The curtain opened up and out stepped the blonde witch in a crimson bikini that covered her but barely.

"Ashley comes out of the gate running with a raunchy crimson bikini that'll light an inferno under you anytime, anywhere!" The MC spoke, blood leaking out of his nose and he wasn't the only one. Like before, Ashley went to the side to wait.

It was Louise's turn and she walked out onto the stage, wearing a periwinkle bodysuit with an open diamond-shaped keyhole neckline.

"Now here's Louise with a much more conservative but still sexy periwinkle one-piece." The MC announced. The ravenette then joined the blonde.

"Let's see what she picks." Louise said.

I sighed, and soon stepped out onto the stage, wearing a pink one piece with a light-blue heart over the left breast, and a matching light-blue skirt around the waist. The audience gave another roar of applause as I giggled softly and joined my competitors. "And here's Jasmine with a surprising swimsuit that covers all but is still a killer!" The MC declared.

We all disappeared behind the curtain to get changed once again. The MC took center. "And now comes the third and final round; the one that will decide who, once and for all, is the Queen of Starswirl Academy. It is now time for the costume round!"

Once the curtain was up, Ashley stepped out wearing a very sexy black French maid outfit with a feather duster in hand. She sauntered down, accentuating her hips with each step. She then leaned forward. "How can I serve you master?" She asked in a sultry tone.

Once Ashley was backstage once more, Louise flew out and landed on stage. Almost every part of this armor is seemingly made of silver metal. The upper part of this armor only consists of a small breastplate that is composed of feather-shaped plates pointing upwards with a large metal flower on the front which extends along her hips. Her biceps are covered by metal straps and her very large plated gauntlets sport feather-shaped plates at the edges. Her waist is circled by large, decorated plates reminiscent of feathers that lie on a long skirt. She wears a pair of plated boots which is partially hidden under her skirt, each sporting metal ornaments shaped like wings. Louise also wears a neck guard made of feather-like plates and a tiara with prominent metal wings. The armor also sports two pairs of large metal wings which adorn Louise’s back, composed of metal feathers which get longer and larger at the edges.

She pulled out one of the swords and raised it into the air. "I will protect this land with all my heart and soul!" she declared with a powerful voice.

The crowd cheered yet again, and the judges even gave approving smiles as they took notes. Once she was backstage, Emily took her turn, sporting a hula-style outfit, complete with the flower hair-clip. The crowd let out yet another cheer as she stood next to the others.

The curtain was raised, and the crowd gasped when they saw me dressed like Princess Zelda, comprised of the pink dress, the shoulder-length white gloves, and the hair in the same style for good measure.

"Amazing! Jasmine Riggs breaks the mold yet again with the garb of a magnificent princess!" The MC marveled, the crowd erupted in applause, and the judges took their notes. I smiled as I stood with my rivals.

"Ashley Tristan, your casual attire, swimwear, and costume live up to the saying 'When you've got it, flaunt it', but you have been selling yourself too much. We have to give you a mere eight out of ten." The judges spoke. They turned to Louise. "Louise Halford, your choice of wardrobe has an innocent charm that captured our hearts. Ten out of ten." and finally... "Jasmine Riggs, your innocents was noted greatly, and your choice in clothing highlighted that to a T. Nine out of ten."

"That settles it, the winner has been decided. At third place is Ashley Tristan, second place is Jasmine Riggs, and our top-ranking beauty is..." The MC paused. "Louise Halford!"

"Congratulations, Ms Halford." Heather walked up to her, placing the tiara on her head. "Welcome... to your new calling."

Louise didn't had time to react when the headdress was placed on her, she tried to use her magic to freeze it off.

"LOUISE!" I called as I reached out to her, but the Swim-club president had already disappeared with her catch.

"What happened!" The MC said.

"Where'd she go?!" Ashley asked. "What's going on Riggs?"

"This whole pageant thing was a setup, and Heather put the whole thing together for some crazy bastard." Emily explained. "And I'm guessing it's that Riktor guy."

"You mean that Halford is now trap with that guy?" Ashley said.

"If I had to guess." I nodded, my face twisted into one of hatred. "Guys, there's a storm coming, and it's gonna tear that fishy bitch to shreds."
A Witch's Life 12
The actual story is back on track, and we're going to be short one witch for a bit.

Thanks for reading, and enjoy the rest as they come.

The three songs that were used: Life is Like a Boat from Bleach, Still Alive from Mirror's Edge, and Deep Forest from Inuyasha.

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Razorfire Boars, Flowers, and Bets. Oh my!

As the sun aided in removing the snow from the city, we were finishing with our latest project for the Ironheade forces. I looked over the three-wheeled beast, and smiled at how it turned out. Once done, I turned to Captain Spencer, who looked out into the mountains.

"So, when are you going to tell us how you got hurt?" I asked as I approached.

"I'm not." He answered, not even looking at me.

"Why the hell not?" I demanded.

"Because, then you'd try to stop me from finishing the job." Captain Spencer replied bitterly.

"We could just tell on him." Louise suggested.

"Hold on, how do you expect us to stop you from doing your job?" I raised an eyebrow. "One; you're a freaking high-ranking soldier. Two; you've seen your share of craziness, which I'm pretty sure is a lot more hectic than whatever happened. And three; you're worried about a couple of teenage girls trying to stop you? Really?"

"I am sure that his sister would get in his way." Louise said.

"True, but still." I continued. "The best way to move past a failure is to correct it, and I'll help you do that."

"We could help out." Louise said.

Captain Spencer finally turned to face us, smiling lightly. "Alright, if you really want to help, then meet me at the training grounds."

"Let's get going then." Louise nodded.

We followed Captain Spencer to the training grounds to meet the orcs, who were coating their weapons in something.

"What are they doing?" Emily asked.

"They're using the nectar of the Demontongue Plant to enhance their blades." Captain Spencer explained.

"Okay, but what does it do?" Louise asked.

"It increases power and endurance to whatever it's nectar is coated, but living creatures suffer a painful side-effect." Captain Spencer replied.

"That's cool." Louise said.

"And I guess there's something that actually can eat these things, and that's what almost killed you." I spoke, causing the captain to turn away. "Well, if you're going to try and get more of these things, then I'm gonna help."

"The creature or the plant? Because both seems to be useful." Louise said.

"Whatever we're getting, we'd better hurry." I noted.

"Let's get going then." Captain Spencer nodded, and led us to the Razor Fields. "Here's the place, where Demontongues are abundant, but so are the beasts that consume them." He said, pointing towards a pack of boar/lion hybrid beasts with fiery red manes. They kinda reminded me of Ganon's beast form in Twilight Princess.

Louise took a look at the monsters when the biggest one of the group looks into her eyes as she approached.

"What's she doing?!" Captain Spencer asked in concern. "Does she have a death wish?"

"Just watch." I told him, eyeing my friend with intent.

Louise slowly walked over to the beast without breaking eye contact, and when she got closer, she started to scratch the beast behind it's ears. The beast backed away quickly as two more approached. Louise looked at the two beasts looking at her as she moved her hand, now baring ill intent towards them.

"Louise, get back!" Captain Spencer commanded. Louise started to back away slowly while still watching the beast. Once she was outside the border of the Razor Fields again, the four of us started to discuss our strategy.

"I think these guys can be herded like cattle, so we could use one of our bikes to lead them away long enough to get what we need and haul ass out of here." I suggested.

"Sounds like a good idea." Louise said.

"Then let's try it." Captain Spencer agreed, turning to Emily. "Can you go back and get a couple riders?"

"Yes." Emily said as she left to go get them. A couple hours passed, and she returned with two orcs and motorcycles.

"Okay, let's get to work." I said.

The two riders went into the field and got the attention of the monsters. "That's working out quite nicely." Captain Spencer noted, putting his helmet on. "Alright, let's move."

We started to gather the Demontongues. Once we finished harvesting the last bit we needed, we quickly made our way out of the field before the orcs returned with the boars following closely behind.

"Well, we did good today." Louise said.

"And we're almost ready to finish the war against Riktor." Captain Spencer replied. "Now, let's get back to Caudelotte quickly."

Once we returned, we met with Celestia and explained what happened. We were soon finished with preparations, the orcs' weapons were enhanced by the demonic plants, and I couldn't be more proud.

"Looks like this army is taking form." Louise said.

"Yeah, we're finally ready for when we see that fishy punk." I commented.

"So when do we fight Riktor?" Louise asked.

"Soon." Celestia answered. "He'll make himself known soon enough, and we'll be ready for him."

"What do we do now?" Louise asked.

"I don't know about you guys, but I've got a hot date tonight." Captain Spencer spoke. "Good work out there, I don't think I could've done it without you."

"Shall we head back then?" Louise said.

"Lead the way." I gestured, following my friends back to our dorm.

We made it back to the school, while we were walking down the hallway, we noticed a door open. When we walked inside, we saw some students talking about something with a bunch of charts and pictures were up on the wall.

"What's all this?" Louise asked.

One of the students looked over at her. "This is the school's betting pools." He said.

"Betting Pools?" Emily repeated. "Why would high-schoolers be gambling?"

"It's something that started a while ago, and it keeps on going." Another student said.

"Neat." I replied. "So, what's this bet supposed to be?"

"And why does it have my name on it?" Louise asked.

"Oh boy." I looked over to Ashley, who grinned in satisfaction.

"Oh, it's you again." Louise said.

"Don't act so surprised, Halford." Ashley spoke in her usual cocky tone. "It would behoove a queen to grace her lowly subjects."

"So, about this betting pool about me, what is it?" Emily asked.

"Looks like it's run by a bunch of pervs." I rolled my eyes. "I'm just gonna get out of the blast radius here."

Louise went and grab the piece of paper to see what the bet is about and started to laugh as she handed the paper to me.

With my eye twitching, I sighed in frustration. "What the hell?" I asked.

"Yeah, I am surprised that people are betting about this." Louise said.

"Did I miss something?" Emily asked in confusion.

"People are better if I am a lesbian or not." Louise said.

Emily started snickering. "Really?" She said, trying not to burst out laughing.

"Yeah, and look at everyone that betting I am not." Louise said, pointing at the list and that even Ashley was betting that she wasn't one.

"Wow..." I chuckled.

"So Ashley, you are betting that I am not a lesbian." Louise said.

"That's right, what of it?" Ashley asked.

Louise just smiled and walked over to Ashley and wrapped her arms around the blonde. "That, my dear, is wrong." She said as she started to kiss her. The students all gasped in shock and delight. Louise took this chance while still kissing to give Ashley's butt a good squeeze. This lasted for a bit before she let go of Ashley and started to walk away. "And that, my dear, is how you kiss a woman." She said.

All the male students were dumbstruck, for one obvious reason or another.

"Well, I am bored. Now let's head back to our dorm." Louise said as she left the room, I followed behind while Emily chuckled.

"That was fun." Louise said as we entered our dorm room.

"Looked like you had fun." I chuckled, tossing my bag into it's usual spot.

"Hell yeah I did." Louise said as there was a knock at the door.

I answered the door to find Ebony, Ivory, Minerva, and Trevor waiting right outside. "Hey, we heard you just got back." Ebony greeted.

"Yeah, and you won't believe what we had to deal with." I replied. "Wanna come in? I was about to make tea."

"Sure, tea sounds great." Ivory said as they entered the room.

I disappeared into the kitchen. "So, what brings you three over?" I heard Louise ask.

"We were bored and wanted to hang out with some friends." Ebony said.

"That, and we heard something very interesting." Trevor commented.

"That a lot of people lost a bunch of money on a dumb bet?" Louise asked with a smile.

"Yeah, that." Trevor nodded.

"That was fun." Louise said.

"So, how would you rate her?" Ebony asked with a smirk.

"I will rate her kiss as a four, and her butt a firm nine." Louise said.

"You don't say." Ivory giggled.

"Yep, but you three, I will rate a ten." Louise said.

"Wait, what?" Minerva asked.

"You, Ebony, and Ivory, I will rate a ten." Louise repeated.

"Umm..." Trevor only blushed as he tried to piece that together.

"Thank you?" Minerva said uncertainly.

"Did you guys have any fun?" Louise asked.

"You could say that." Ivory grinned.

"What kind of fun?" Louise asked.

"What else? We got our hands on some tickets to a concert." Trevor held up four platinum tickets.

"That's cool." Louise said.

"Sounds awesome." I commented as I brought out seven cups of tea and handed one to each of them.

Louise waited for the four to take a drink when, "So, any of you three single?" she asked.

"Just me." Ebony answered, looking up from her cup.

"Are you looking for anyone?" Louise asked.

"There is this one guy." She said. "So sorry to say, but not a lesbian."

"Damn... Oh well, I was trying to get a reaction just by asking." Louise said as she tool a drink from her cup.

"Hang in there, trouble, you'll find someone someday." Ivory told her.

"I know, I just wonder how long Ashley has been frozen." Louise said.

"That's a good question, let's find out." Ebony smirked, placing her cup on the table and getting up.

We walked back to the room to see Ashley still frozen in place. "How long do you think she will stay like this?" Trevor said.

"A couple hours, maybe?" Ivory guessed.

"I think I can get her to move." Louise said as she stood behind Ashley and created an ice paddle and got ready to swing it.

"NOOOOOOOO!!!!" Ashley screamed in fear as she scurried away quickly.

"Knew that would work." Louise said.

"Also know that she's about to-" I was interrupted by the sound of Ashley smacking against the wall, "do that."

"Are you okay, Ashley?" Louise asked.

Ashley scrambled up against the wall. "Keep your distance, you crazy dork!" She cried.

"What's wrong? Didn't you enjoy my kiss?" Louise teased.

"NO!" Ashley spat. "Why the hell did you do that?! That was nauseating!"

"Well, I thought you would be happy that even women would fall for your charms." Louise said.

"If you want to call it that." I deadpanned.

"Well, I had my fun. Let's head back." Louise said.

"Right behind you." I replied, grinning menacingly at the blonde as I left.

We made it back to the dorm room, and the girls planted themselves back into their seats. "Did you see the look on her face?" Louise said as she laughed.

"How could we not? That was priceless." Minerva chuckled.

"I wish someone took pictures." Louise said.

"Oh well." I shrugged before digging through my dresser. "That hasn't taught us to keep our cameras on us yet."

"Looks like it's getting late." Ebony commented.

"Yeah, today's been crazy." Louise nodded, removing her own clothing to change into her sleep wear. She changed into a large shirt and a pair of black panties with red hearts on them. She got into her bed and covered up.

I chuckled as I slipped out my own clothes, revealing my bubblegum-pink bra and bloomers, both with white polka-dots, and looked out the window as I unfolded my nightgown. I unhooked my bra and slipped into the nightgown, all before making my way to my bed. "Another job, always another job." I commented, pulled the covers up to my chin. "I just hope that it all works out in the end."

"Yeah..." Louise said as she went to sleep. "Today has been a long day."

"No kidding." I replied as my eyes grew heavier. As my friend fell asleep, I smiled to myself. "Just hang in there, guys." I said quietly before closing my own eyes and fell soundly asleep, satisfied by the outcome.
It's been a while since I've submitted something. To be honest, I want to submit an entire new piece of pony fan fiction.

My current idea is to create my own humanoid version of Equestria, and then get sent there by one of my friends.  I use the word "humanoid" because the only character that will be human are former earth ponies.  Every other race on the show becomes a different fantasy race possibly including...

-Terranda, based on the earth ponies, are a race of humans. Terranda traditionally have played the largest role in agriculture. Due to lack of magic and flight abilities, Terranda tend to have more muscular strength and slightly higher bone density than the other two races.
-Petrassi, based on the pegasi, are a race of Seraphs. They have a sort of sixth sense centered on weather patterns, and are capable of flight due to their wings. Petrassi have wings on their backs, which they use to fly. Certain Petrassi, due to their heightened capabilities and immense potential, are most often drafted into the flight team known as The Wonderbolts. A common term for Petrassi is "Aviators", originating from their ability to fly.
-Urihaan, based on the unicorns, are the elves of the world. They are capable of using magic. Certain Urihaan individuals are capable of stronger and more varied magic than others. It is a Urihaan tradition to wear pierce one's ears, as it is believed that earrings help to focus and enhance the individual's magical ability. Exceptionally talented Urihaan have the opportunity to enroll in Starswirl Academy for Gifted Elves. A common term for the Urihaan, as implied by their magical prowess, is "Mages".
-Zaulia, based on the Zebras, are a race of warrior-esque shamans who make their home in jungle areas. Most notable is their skin, which varies between dark and light, and sports zebra-esque stripes. Another thing to note is that many of them tend to speak in rhymes.
-Ascendant, based on the alicorns, are Demigod mages that sport the same ears as the ponies from the show, as well as the same wings. The term Ascendant refers to an order of intelligent god-like beings of exceptional power, originating from the Realm of the Titans, an ancient empire over thousands of years dead. The Ascendants were all once mortals, who underwent a transformative ritual that granted them immortality and god-like powers in order to safeguard their nation in its darkest hours.
-Aerios, based on the Griffons, are a race of harpy-like creatures similar to the Rito. They have rounded ears like humans, feathers for hair and powerful, retractable wings. Most Aerios let their wings dangle like "sleeves" out from under their clothes when they are not flying. However, some Aerios do not have this trait. When they do fly, their arms and "sleeves" transform into one set of wings. Their feet also turn into talons, which they use to carry things. They tend to be brash and self-centered, though of course every Aerios is their own individual. It is more common to see Aerios-human relations being struck with Petrassi than either of the other two races.
-Gerudo, based on the Buffalo. Much like their Zelda counterparts, they are a race of humans. They are warriors by reputation, feared and respected in the countries they inhabit. Not like their Zelda cousins, this race doesn't consist almost solely of females. Instead, for the most part, the races genders are nearly equal (Because reasons!). The Gerudo, as we've thus far seen hold the following looks: round ears, a sharp bird-like nose, brown skin, amber eyes and red hair. Which of these are actually unmistakable Gerudo traits is unknown due to their small established role throughout their series of origin. Their skin color has been shown to come in two variants: a common light brown and an olive-greenish variation, though their skin may be darker due to age. Whether this has any significance for the Gerudo race as a whole is unknown. Also unlike their Hyrule counterparts, who have an Arabic theme to them and seem to be based on the Amazons, the Gerudo of Aetulia are more akin to that of the Native Americans.
-Veil, based on the Changelings. They are shown to be human-esque creatures that resemble human/bugs hybrids and have the ability to change their appearance into any other form presented to them at any time. In their true forms, they bare didactyl claws in place of feet, tridactyl claws in place of hands, vampire fangs, and their eyes are blue-ish and bulging like an insect, yet a yellow orb could be seen from behind the blue, like it was the pupil of the eye, with the exception of "Royal Veils", who have green eyes with slit-shaped pupils of a darker green.
-Dwarf, based on the Diamond Dogs. Dwarves are a short, stocky race, a little shorter than other human races but much broader and heavier. Most Dwarves had thick, luxuriant beards in which they took great pride, and often forked or braided them and tucked them into their belts. They seem to have favored simple durable clothing, colored hoods and heavy cloaks for traveling, and belts of gold or silver. For battle their soldiers would have elaborately crafted armor and helmets, bearing various angles and styles that were trademarks of Dwarven crafting styles. Their armor was masked with symbols (after the manner of those used in forges for shielding the eyes) that were hideous to look upon.

Most other things remain the same (dragons stay dragons, minotaurs stay minotaurs, ect), and many of the species are still there, but most of them are mere animals (some dragons, equines, griffons, ect).

Cutie marks still exist for humanized ponies, and follow the same basic principles they do in the show. They're located on their shoulders, just to make them easier to see, and less awkward. Cutie marks are generally received sometime around puberty, though it's not uncommon for a child to receive one much earlier. It is common upon the receiving of the mark for individuals to start including it as a motif in their outfits, either as accessories or custom-designed articles of clothing. Urihaan typically base their magic-enhancing earrings around their cutie mark.
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